Each Sunday afternoon in our production kitchen an expert butcher will host a small (6-12 people) number of people for one of our hands-on classes. Classes are open to all skill levels. Whether you have never picked up a knife or you are an amateur butcher, classes will provide a fun and eye-opening afternoon! Class participants will enjoy beer and food while you learn about meat, cooking, and butchery.

Our classes make an excellent gift for culinary connoisseurs, outdoorsmen, adventure seekers, business customers or a unique experience for that hard to buy for a person. Class Gift Cards are redeemable for any class with availability and allow others to select a class that fits their schedule.

Refund Policy

We understand life happens and that you may need to reschedule your class date. We allow a class to be transferred ONCE to another available class date. Unfortunately, we have a NO REFUND policy once a class is purchased.

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Sausage Making Class

Ready to see exactly how sausage is made?

Learn the basics of cutting, grinding, seasoning, mixing, stuffing, and twisting your own sausages by hand. Our expert butchers will equip you with recipes, techniques, and ratios for successful sausage making at home. Whether a novice or a seasoned home cook, come take your skills to the next level! Sausages made in this class are pork-based and use fresh pork casings. Participants take home some of the premium hand made fresh sausages to boast about over a future meal!

The sausage class is suitable for people age 14 and up that desire to learn butchery skills.

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Whole Hog Class

Ready to learn an in-depth understanding of pork anatomy? Where each cut of meat comes from? How the location on the animal directly correlates to the preferred cooking method?

Our expert butchers will guide you along your nose-to-tail butchering experience as you with knife in hand learn how to break down a side of pork into primals (ham, loin, belly, shoulder) and then further portioning into retail cuts used in the home kitchen. Learn where your favorite cuts sit on the animal and new cuts you may not have known existed! You will leave the class with a better understanding of whole animal butchery and broadened culinary skills! Each participant will take with them approximately 10lbs of freshly cut pork meat to cook and enjoy at home.

This class is a unique, interactive experience that makes for a great afternoon with friends, loved ones, a date, business clients, and more!

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Charcuterie Class

Learn the basics of creating charcuterie.

In this class, you will learn how to: cure a pork belly for creating bacon; mix, stuff, ferment, and smoke summer sausage; create a curing brine that will turn a rear pork leg into a beautiful slowly smoked ham!

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Whole Beast Class

Ready to take an afternoon and combine all three of our classes (whole hog, charcuterie, sausage) into one intensive class? Then this experience is for you!

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